INT'L Trading Dept.Manager :Calvin Wang
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Company culture

 Company philosophy: To technology as a leader, Take quality as life, To the credit of survival, To manage and promote development

Company talent view: "A person of ability is the first wealth of enterprises!" Company to develop, the staff is the main, personnel is the guarantee. The country has stood by the person of ability, the company is also prosperous with the person of ability. No outstanding talent to the fore, there is no company development; no overall improvement in the quality of staff, there is no comprehensive improvement in the level of company.

Company spirit: Assiduous practical, Unity strives for success, Ceaseless self-improvement, Forge ahead

Assiduous practical: Works diligently, the steadfast personhood, work carefully and make steady progress, lays the company development foundation.

Unity strives for success: The unity is the wisdom fountainhead, strives for success is the strength focusing, the unity strives for success is the enterprise development power.

Ceaseless self-improvement: Aware upward, is never lax, only studies unceasingly, can improve continually, progresses unceasingly

Forge ahead: Dares to develop, forge ahead with determination, constantly seeking new changes, enables the company development the path more to walk is wider.